The Unlimited Dream Company - Soundtrack

“This time we would merge with the trees and the flowers, with the dust and the stones, with the whole of the mineral world, happily dissolving ourselves in the sea of light that formed the universe, itself reborn from the souls of the living who have happily returned themselves to its heart.” JG Ballard


Role - Composer, concept, production
Label - Bella Union

Have you ever visualised a book as a movie? Surely you have. We all have. As a composer I tend to think not only in visual terms, but sonically too and particularly with certain styles of writing. Upon reading J.G Ballard's The Unlimited Dream Company I felt I could hear and see the world of the book, from the colours of the birds to the clothes on the characters backs. This feeling prompted the book soundtrack idea and the 10 track album will be released on Bella Union, on the 17th May 2019.

Thanks to Luke, Danielle and Simon at Bella Union, Gian Battaglia, Alex Pulford, Clint Trofa, Macks and special thanks to the JG Ballard estate for making it all possible. It means a lot. x