HD Hausmann - Wring The Moisture From The Surf

Wring The Moisture From The Surf (Marshall Teller Records) is the debut album by HD Hausmann, it combines elements of noise, alternative pop and soundscape. My involvement on this project was as a musician, part-time producer and full-time mixer. The album received excellent reviews from big music publications Uncut, Far Out and a whole load more.

A snippet from the press release.

"If the name seems like a melding of genres and platforms it’s only because that’s emblematic of the music itself. Sonically it draws from a vast range of influences, from the synergy of Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld’s recent collaborations, to the textural explorations of Philip Jeck and Yellow Swans, the songs of Micah P. Hinson and Angel Olsen and to those who blur the lines between soundscape and structure, such as Grouper. It’s the latter that hd hausmann find themselves most comfortably occupying, weaving between dense, layered atmospheres that fill the record like a moorland mist, to formed, song-based compositions that allow LP’s deep, looming vocals to rise to the surface and carry the tracks. “I got into this project via the route of soundscape and noise music. I'd been making some very basic noise tracks under the moniker of ayppl”, LP says, “and I wanted to try and bridge the gap between the drawn out soundscapes and more traditional song.”